Auto Detailing & Paint Correction Service

Auto Detailing

Why is it important to detail your car?

Detailing your car not just to keep your car in great condition, it can also ensure your car remains pristinely clean and germ-free inside out. Detailing protects the exterior paint and interior finishes, removes stains and odors of your car that help to retain your car’s resale value as well.

Detailing can be done DIY but it is recommended to have a professional service done to obtain the best result.

Our experienced team is ready to help. Contact Us today to make an appointment.

Paint Correction Service

Paint Correction service repairs the clear coat which is the outer layer of your car’s body paint. It is absolutely worth it to have a paint correction done if you care about the appearance of your car. After a thorough removal of all the defects such as swirls, holograms, scratches and oxidation, the clear top coat restores from dull and uneven looking appearance.

If you are noticing marks that impact the overall look of your car, book an appointment with us.

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